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Snowy Day at Reservoir

Updated: Feb 10

For those that don’t know, I enjoy adventuring in the woods in my free time and near me is a reservoir, the Griggs Reservoir. It's one of my favorite places to visit because it’s just engulfed by nature. It has so many scenic nature walk paths that are surrounded by trees, bushes, flowers, and woodland creatures. Even before I got Sam (my dog) I would frequently go there to get my daily dose of nature. Seeing that it snowed yesterday, today we thought it would be great to adventure in the woods. A snowy woodland area seemed too beautiful to not go and see. So I put Sam’s harness and jacket on, grabbed his lead and we headed out the door.

When we arrived at the reservoir, I took Sam out of the car and we walked till we basically got lost. During our walk, we found a dirt path that would lead us into the woods. I thought to myself “Maybe this path can lead us to scenic areas.”, so we adventured onward into the mystery. Imagine walking down a path with this picture in mind, to the side of you is the Scioto river and on the other, were trees, bushes, and areas that were covered in snow. We heard no noises from cars or the big city near us, we just heard nature at its finest. You could hear the flow of the river, the wind slightly blowing against the trees, and movements of small creatures all around us. Sam really enjoyed it, he walked around in his thick blue jacket and his tongue out acting like he knew where he is going. At one point, he directed me which direction we should explore next. Our favorite part was walking through this rocky path where a stream of water use to flow and, eventually, connect to the river. It must have been a large source of water flowing through here because the path was wide and had tall sides filled with rocks. These “walls” had cave entrances that lead to other openings around it. It was just beautiful.

We walked for what seemed like an hour, but we were gone for almost 3 hours. Guess what they say is true, you really do lose track of time when you’re spending it the special ones.

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